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Vector Logistics


PetroSA Mosselbay

The AIDS Week Business Bannerthon really caused a stir in Mosselbay both with our employees and passers by, especially truck drivers who hooted throughout the week that the 1000 meters of banner was attached to our fence which runs along the national highway.

The whole event made our employees realise that management was openly committed to the AIDS issue and as a result we had staff voluntarily asking for more information AIDS.


The atmosphere over AIDS Week was electrifying - even the ostriches we keep inside our grounds seemed energised and curious about the reason for all this excitement.

Jeanne Olivier
Group Public Relations Officer
PetroSA Mosselbay
(Previously Mossgas)

Vector Logistics supports the annual National AIDS Bannerthon and all that it represents. We encourage other businesses to partake by making this small contribution to a huge problem in our country, for the benefit of all and ultimately the future of our children.

David Hood
Managing Director
Vector Logistics
( A member of the Anglovaal Industries Group )

SAB was a proud supporter of the AIDS Week Business Bannerthon, acknowledging the importance of the event by surrounding their 3 sites namely Newlands Brewery, Ottery & Belville Depots with characteristic "We Care....Do You?" banner circling an area of appox 2-3 km collectively. Our Newlands Brewery is situated on a busy main road through the Southern Suburbs, which attracted much attention during the 08h00 & 17h00 rush hour traffic. The Banner was a bright & conspicuous reminder to each and every motorist and pedestrian alike, of the massive pandemic our country faces. It was an impressive way to exhibit to the public the corporate commitment SAB has made to fighting the AIDS pandemic.

Karen Hollman
Occupational Health Practitioner
SA Breweries


I would like to take this opportunity to compliment your company's organisation and co-ordination of the 2002 AIDS Bannerthon. In addition to the assistance it provides to the nominated charities, it was also very well received by our employees. We received numerous compliments from our staff stating that they were thrilled that the company was taking an interest in their welfare by raising AIDS awareness. Keep up the good work - Good luck for the 2003 challenge.

Blaize Wulfsohn
Financial Director
( An ink manufacturer with less than 100 employees located in 5 branches )

Iscor Vanderbijlpark Steel participated in the 2002 Aids Week Business Bannerthon in support of the fight against HIV / AIDS. The 300 meter banner rolls were displayed at our Employee Appreciation Day during our AIDS Strategy launch. The display was a huge success as the banners proved to be multifunctional which meant they could basically be used anywhere and for almost anything, like to cordon off areas, to direct the queuing of people, on stage as well as other areas which required high visibility.

Iscor is proud to have been part of this AIDS awareness campaign and urges other companies to join hands in fighting this epidemic by making this year's Aids Week Business Bannerthon an even greater success.

Carol Ferguson
Divisional Manager, Corporate Communications
Iscor Vanderbijlpark Steel



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