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Join The Challenge Now

Join the National AIDS week Business Bannerthon Challenge and become a partner contributing to make a difference to the impact of AIDS on our country and businesses.


The AIDS week business Bannerthon idea has appealed to the concerned yet competitive spirit of South African businesses. thus evoking their need to be involved in a meaningful challenge to address the real threat that AIDS is to our businesses and our country.

The launch of the first AIDS week Bannerthon took place in 2001. The concept was developed to get the business community to visibly show their solidarity and support in the war against AIDS whilst simultaneously raising money for AIDS orphans.

This was achieved through many businesses participating in a novel and highly visible "Bannerthon" conceptualised to achieve the following objectives:

Create visibility and awareness of the Annual International AIDS Week by companies surrounding their grounds with at least 100 meters of 800mm wide Banner Roll printed with the latest "Aids Day Slogan" and new design.

Encourage participants in a "Bannerthon Challenge" to also participate.

Make a meaningful monetary contribution to the innocent victims of this pandemic - namely AIDS orphans. The goal being to raise funds by contributing 15% of  Banner Roll sales to selected AIDS orphanage homes.

Help Support Aids Orphans and Make a Difference

The success of this worthwhile and unique challenge is dependant on the South African Business community rising to the challenge and being part of the effort to help raise a Million Rand which will be split amongst several organisations nationally that care for HIV / AIDS orphans. These organisations have been chosen to represent a fair spread across all provinces. Only 1000 companies purchasing an average of 100 meters at R4350.00 (excl VAT & delivery) will raise a million Rand for AIDS orphans.

How To Participate in the Challenge

The purpose of this proposal is to challenge you and your company to partner this initiative by purchasing Banner Roll to "surround your ground" and contribute to the virtual Bannerthon challenge. Then to challenge other businesses and business associates to do the same (send them this proposal or give us their names and we will contact them and challenge them on your behalf.)

Dependant on the size of your business and your concern for HIV / AIDS, detailed below are some choices:

100 meters of Banner Roll R7 672.20 (inclusive of VAT and delivery)

200 meters of Banner Roll R12 688.20 (inclusive of VAT and delivery)
300 meters of Banner Roll R17 920.80 (inclusive of VAT and delivery)
500 meters of Banner Roll R26 134.50 (inclusive of VAT and delivery)
1000 meters of Banner Roll R40 812.00 (inclusive of VAT and delivery)

Hint: You can also purchase more than you need and donate it to your local school, church or institution.

To make your pledge to help raise over a Million Rand and place your order for Banner Roll phone (011) 452-1101 and you will be invoiced immediately and requested to make a direct deposit into the Bannerthon account or send a cheque with your official order (account details supplied with your invoice) to the Bannerthon Organisers.

Certificate Awards For Companies

In addition to receiving the Banner Roll, which will be put up (as per the examples of last year) participating companies will also receive a Certificate acknowledging their participation. This can be proudly hung in their reception areas as a reminder to staff and the public of their company's commitment to fighting the AIDS pandemic.

In line with all "Bannerthons" - Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are as follows:

Gold - All purchases over 500 meters.
Silver - All purchases over 300 meters.
Bronze - All purchases over 100 meters.
5 year Loyalty - Participating for five years

Practical Implementation of the Challenge

The AIDS banners are to be displayed from the beginning of AIDS week (first week in December) until Christmas break. We need to secure orders and payments early to practically print, deliver and process orders to achieve our goal of getting over 1000 companies to participate in the Bannerthon Challenge.

With the above in mind and based on our previous experience we are approaching companies throughout the year so that this years National AIDS week Business Bannerthon will be an overwhelming success and we will achieve our goals being:

To raise a million Rand for AIDS orphan homes.
Show business's visible concern and support of AIDS week / day to their staff and public.
Build a "Bannerthon" spirit of companies challenging each other to help achieve our virtual Bannerthon goal of 
300 km and thereby create the unity and camaraderie needed to fight  this pandemic.
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