I hereby acknowledge receipt of and sincerely thank you for the donation of R40 000-00, which was raised for Cotlands during your successful bannerthon campaign.

This contribution will most certainly make a huge difference to the lives of the abandoned, abused, orphaned and Aids impacted children in our care and thus, we are most grateful for your support.

To some people, Cotlands is just another home struggling to care for the children society has discarded. To the children who take shelter here, we are the only home they may ever have known, the only people who have ever loved them, the only people able to provide a warm bed, nutritious meals and medical attention.

When people like you show generosity of this magnitude, the ripples are felt throughout our organisation from the tiniest, frailest baby to the team whose task it is to keep Cotlands up and running. Loving these children is the easy part, .....but raising funds is one of the toughest jobs around and sometimes the task facing us seems just about impossible, .... and then people like you come along  and remind us that anything is possible. Without support from people such as yourselves, our battle to provide the basic necessities to the children in our care, would be almost impossible.

May I take this opportunity on behalf of our staff, management and especially our children - thank you for your support.

Allison Gallo
Manager: Corporate & Trusts